• Miso Shiru

    Traditional Japanese soup made from soy bean paste, tofu, mushrooms and seaweed

  • Miso aux fruits de mer

    Miso soup with fish and seafood

  • Sumashi

    Clear fsh broth with scallop, shrimp, white fsh, salmon and mushrooms



  • Salade verte – Green Salad

    Fresh garden salad topped with the chef’s special dressing

  • Wakame

    Salad with as assortment of seaweed

  • Salade de fruits de mer – Seafood Salad

    Fresh garden salad topped with crab meat, smoked salmon and shrimp

  • Salade de pieuvre – Octopus Salad

    Exocitque blend of octopus, mango and seaweed with house dressing

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