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Depuis des années, une qualité supérieure mais surtout constante, sans failles. Service impeccable. Définitivement le meilleur dans la grande région.
We were there for my wife’s birthday. It exceeded expectations. The space and vibe of the restaurant is awesome overlooking the chefs doing their work. The presentation and quality of the sushi was fantastic. The black cod was amazing. Definitely recommend.
Great food, very good service and more importantly attentive and knowledgeable staff. A real go to sushi restaurant without a doubt.
Service et conseils exceptionnels et nourriture esquise. Bravo! J’adore faire découvrir votre resto à mes amis et ma famille!
Excellent restaurant!!! La présentation des plats de sushi est impeccable.Les sushi sont très raffinés et goûteux,le service ,impeccable. Les lieux sont reposants.Tout pour une belle soirée de fête au resto!


Sabrina L.
I was really surprised by this place! Wasn’t expecting much frankly. Aikawa has the same owners as Sho-Dan and offers more of a down-to-earth atmosphere while keeping the same quality in their sushis. I went there for a take-out and was pleasantly greeted and served by their host. She has been able to ask the kitchen to accommodate my requests without charging me extra and gave useful advices on how I should order while maximizing the amount of sushis I can get for the same price. The sushis came in a high-quality circular take-out box and was presented very nicely. The choices were creative and flavorful. But i must admit that it was a little pricey as well but all worth it!
Sylvia J.
The best sushi I’ve tried so far! They look delicious, they smell delicious and they taste even more delicious! You can not live without trying their sushi..Three thumbs up!
Ryan D.
One of my favourite spots to visit when I get back to Montreal. Their appetizers are phenomenally elaborate – and so, so tasty. Wait staff are really nice, and the service is great … plus they usually have some really cool local art on the walls. I’d recommend their seaweed salad and just about all of their spicy rolls (and I’m not usually a spicy roll fan). Best part – the sushi is actually fresh.


Sabrina Stroppetti
I love food but I especially love Sushi and I never tasted better Sushi than the ones at Aikawa! It’s fresh, it’s tasty, it’s unique and it’s eye catching. I can’t even recommend ones because I love them all. They really have to stop posting so many pictures of their sushi on Facebook because it makes me so hungry and I have already been there 4 times this week!
Wendy Rogers
This was a fabulous meal! Everyone found something to their tastes, with two people having sushi, one carnivore having beef, and a vegan finding good choices. Outstanding food, and perfectly seasoned. I look forward to coming back on my next trip to this city.
Melanie Ryan
So good…I moved closer ???? Call ahead for easy pick up.
Toni Gugler
Best Sushi Place on West Island!


Daniel Spasov
Absolutely great experience.Friday night – table for 5 .The waiter was very polite and gave us all the time to choose what we want without bring pushy at all.Very well mannered the food was so delicious…that place absolutely deserves the highest ranking.

Clyde Fitzpatrick
Awesome sushi. Nice ambiance. Amazing and unique chef creations.

Nicholas Berlingieri
Amazing quality sushi. Restaurant is spacious and clean. The decoration is very nice too. Overall I would definitely go back when I want amazing sushi.

Victor Yap
Their delivery sushi was surprisingly tasty and entertaining, including some unique features and flavours!

Theory. Neutral
The salmon roe is actually fresh. Amazing. Not at all stringy. I had the best seaweed salad and coffee here that I’ve ever had in a restaurant. And I’ve traveled. The saki is reasonably priced and all the sushi combos I tried were particularly creative and tasty.


Quality care in preparation; Satisfaction enhanced A very nice setting and decor to create an ambiance for a good restaurant. Service was very good and the food was excellent. When the owner cares enough to be on site, work and supervise, the quality becomes very easily noticeable for the client. I loved this Sushi place; way above standard practice of many sushi restaurants.

Awesome sushi. Nice ambiance. Amazing and unique chef creations.

Sue C
Always excellent Whether takeout or eat in this restaurant is definitely one of our favorites. The presentation of the food in the dining room is exceptional, beautiful even for takeout. ingredients always fresh, staff always VERY attentive and professional. The plates vary in prices, the chef specialties are amazing to sight and taste.

Amazing every time! I have been coming to this restaurant for the last 10 years and I have had an amazing experience every time. Beautiful, modern decor. Impeccable service (ask for Tan’s section, he always goes above and beyond!) the specialty sushis are delicious. I love the besame mucho, venus and queen of the sea. Regular sushis are just as good..try the honey, titanic, spider and more! House salad is super fresh and flavourful. The bottles of wine are reasonably priced. I am never disappointed when I eat here! Best sushi in the west island!

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